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Before you give us a call or shoot us an e-mail, we would like to inform you on how we serve you on every step of your project. This is a simple road map to guide you! Battres Construction is always striving to deliver each project with excellence. During a project, we need your cooperation and help to accomplish your vision!

Process Step 1- Appointment

Before we set up an appointment with you, Battres Construction will ask a series of questions. We may set up an appointment or refer you to a trusted professional who can help you. The Designer will visit you at your home to take measurements, give you design ideas, and an estimate. The appointment usually takes 1-2 hours, depending on the size of your home and project.

Process - Call

Process - Blueprint 1

Process Step 2- Architectural plans and Proposal

The architectural plans are essential when removing a load-bearing wall or reconfiguring a layout. We provide architectural plans and proposals in about 4 weeks. After, it’s a fun day! Battres Construction coordinates a time with you to select the anticipated material you envision. The interior designer listens to your desires and adds tips along the way.

Process Step 3- Initial Walk

Our project managers and Designer will meet you at your home. This process entails the details of the construction phases and the estimated timeline for your project. The construction is during the daytime. The Foreman is on-site every day to work on the project, follow the schedule, and serve you with any updates. As well, the project manager and Foreman meet every week to keep track of the construction schedule.

Process - Initial Walk 1

Process - Initial Walk 2

Process Step 4- Final Walk 

The last appointment involves you, the project manager, foreman, and Designer. Battres Construction team ensures that the project is completed and has met your expectations and city requirements. This meeting allows us to evaluate our work and gives you time to review us. Afterward, WE MUST take pictures of your gorgeous project!

The following below exemplify the process with a customer who collaborated and walked our road map from conceptual to delivery of their home project. They followed the course by obtaining architectural plans, design plans, and results.

Architectural Plans

Mr. and Mrs. Barajas property was not being utilized at its fullest potential. Battres Construction team made the homeowner’s vision possible! The property had pocket areas that were not used or functional— mainly in the front of the home. Battres Construction architect, Alfonso Buitrago-Jimenez, visited the clients to see the actual space and diagnose the problem. The frustrated clients revealed the small kitchen and living room. Immediately, the architect suggested removing walls to have an open concept kitchen and living room. Removing the wall by the kitchen not only added 100 square feet but also allowed to have more storage cabinets! As for the bathroom, the layout remained the same. Battres Construction has a good relationship with the clients, and they entrusted our professional suggestions and decisions.

Below are the architectural plans that were completed on their property. The first plan is BEFORE and the second plan is AFTER.

Process - Blueprint 2

Process - Blueprint 3

Design Plans

The next step is meeting with the Battres Construction designer, Cesar Villa, who demonstrated a variety of projects that Battres Construction had successfully completed. He also provided 2D and 3D plans. Guiding our customers through our preferred vendors to select the right colors, textures, and materials for their kitchen and bathroom in one day was a success! Choosing the design materials with Mr. and Mrs. Barajas was comfortable and smooth. They entrusted us throughout the custom home design process as we handle this project with the utmost care. The design for the kitchen was ultimately an excellent choice—the backsplash was mosaic, expresso cabinets, pure white quartz for the island, and Santa Cecilia for the rest of the kitchen. (Just in case you were wondering?!) These kinds of things just make us excited!! Just saying.

Below are the 3D design plans that are offered to you.


Last but not least, the load-bearing walls were not easy to remove! Battres Construction project manager, Rudy Battres, diligently worked with the city to have approved permits. (Unapproved permits can prolong the construction schedule.) The original layout of the home was modified through detailed engineering and architecture to reconfigure the desired layout. Through each phase, Battres Construction wants to ensure the client’s needs are being met. So, in the process of construction, Mr. and Mrs. Barajas made some changes that would reflect their vision. The updated spaces were ultimately achieved through communicating and collaborating closely.

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