Whole-Home Remodeling in Santa Ana

One of the most rewarding home projects is remodeling an entire home, however, it can feel overwhelming at times. It is a process that requires a clear vision of what the resulting space should be but, without proper planning and design, it can take longer and cost more than it should. When done correctly though- a whole home remodel can give a breath of fresh air to your space.

In addition to enhancing your family’s everyday life, whole home renovations are a great investment in your home’s market value. When designed with the end user in mind, the renovated home becomes more appealing to potential buyers, not just current homeowners.

Planning a Whole House Remodeling Project

Planning and executing a whole house remodeling project can feel daunting and complex. There are several factors to consider, including the extent of the renovation, the overall budget, and who to hire for each phase of the work.

The Battres Construction team makes it easy with talented professional design-build members & designers. We can create the entire project. When we work together from the beginning- we can determine quality, design, and costs that fit both your lifestyle and your budget.