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Battres Construction offers an amazing deal for the bathroom that just needs a little help. We have created four tasteful predesigned palettes to select from to give you an easygoing experience.

Battres Construction makes bathroom remodeling easy – and fun – from start to finish. Our talented Bathroom Designers can help you create a dramatic powder room, a simple hall bath, or an elaborate spa-like master bath. Regardless of which bathroom renovations you may choose to make in your home, our team can help you design and build the perfect oasis.

Here at Battres Construction, we strive to make sure your bathroom remodel is not only beautiful but functional as well. We take into consideration how you want to use your space. Our Bathroom Designers will show you options of design elements that you may not have never considered; space-saving designs, expanded storage solutions, unique materials, and lighting elements.

Design-Build Bathroom Remodeling

One of the greatest benefits of choosing us, as your design-build firm, is the value of our streamlined work process. This means that you get value from all of our construction managers by continuously communicating, collaborating, and ensuring that all aspects of your job correlate. Your designer will work with you to create a stunning project while our draftsmen, engineers, and project managers ensure everything is accurately reflected in your construction documents. By the time you sign your construction agreement, we will have the project costs down to the penny.

The fused approach of construction and remodeling ensures continuity between all phases of the design and build process. The design-build concept allows us to design your remodel with value engineering in mind. Design, quality, cost, and time are all determined simultaneously, ensuring that your budget is kept to a minimum. You will have the peace of mind that your bath remodel is done to your exact specifications. We ease the stress you may have about picking or choosing materials while helping guide you in the aesthetic you strive for.

Advantages of Design Build

This integrated approach to construction and remodeling ensures continuity between all phases of the design and build process. The design-build concept allows us to design your remodel with value engineering in mind. Design, quality, cost, and time are all determined simultaneously. This ensures that your budget is kept to a minimum, your construction time is reduced, and you will have the peace of mind that your bath remodel is done to your exact specifications, whether you need a simple bathroom to remodel or a complete bathroom renovation.

Traditional construction models do not have the draftsmen under the same roof as the contractor and this often provides for significant cost discrepancies from your wish list to what you can afford list.  Draftsmen are taught to design home structures, space allocation, and floorplans.  It is not part of their experience or skills to cost this out; this is the contractor’s job. We often find the draftsmen draw the bathroom of our dreams while your budget can only afford a portion of this dream.  The design-build approach to remodeling will prevent these mishaps. This specific example is one of the most common examples you’ll find when a homeowner decides to project manage the remodeling job on their own.  And as you can imagine, new plans are not free, this is considered a new plan and you may find yourself paying double to get the bathroom that suits your dream and budget.

The next area that design-build remodeling helps you with is purchasing. Because we are a remodeling firm, we get volume discounts that won’t be offered to you by the cabinet manufacturer or the tile stores.  When you shop with us, we ensure your measuring is done right so you don’t have too much excess material, but enough to cover the job.  We also ensure the material is right for the purpose you want.  For example, you do not want to use porous tile in your bathroom or you’ll find yourself knee-deep in the elbow grease to keep the tile and grout clean.  You want porcelain tile in your shower to avoid this as this tile is less porous therefore absorbing less water.

Another advantage to remodeling your bathroom with a design and build firm is that you know exactly what your remodeling will cost when you sign your construction agreement.  With a general contractor, the average change order rate is 35%. This means on average a general contractor increases their price by 35% with change orders as you go through the job and encounter items that were not scoped in the very general up-front estimate.  As a homeowner, you can try and manage this tighter by addressing change orders up front and when one is presented you would also like the alternative of how to not increase the price.

When you work with Battres Construction, you’ll get superior design, service, and a 5-year warranty to give you the peace of mind you need when making an investment in your home.  You want to be sure that you have chosen a remodeling partner you feel comfortable and confident in opening up the walls of your home as well as having these professionals in your home to do the work.  You can find a handy residential home remodeling guide here to do your homework and research on finding a professional bathroom remodeler.

No Job Is Too Big or Small

Some homeowners feel it’s not worth remodeling a smaller bathroom or that renovating a large bathroom is too costly. When working with our experts, you don’t have to worry about the logistics or cost of your bathroom renovations in Santa Ana. Whether you need a small bathroom shower remodel to upgrade a small bathroom or you require a complete bathroom restoration for any size bathroom, you can trust our team to tackle the job with just as much excitement. We aim to help you achieve your goals in beauty and functionality, so you and your family can start enjoying your new bathroom.

Consult with Our Team

We’re ready to help you tackle your bathroom renovation project. Booking a consultation with our team allows you to share your vision for your bathroom restoration in Santa Ana and plan the best options to achieve your goals. A new bathroom can boost your home’s value and help you feel more comfortable in your space. You can trust our team to handle every job with professionalism, from your small bathroom shower remodel to a complete bathroom renovation that changes the entire look and feel.

Take a look through our expansive bathroom photo gallery under the Bath Portfolio tab. We have a great collection of bathroom remodels that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

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