In California, we have 275 days of sunshine a year and homeowners love it. Being able to enjoy outdoor living spaces for the majority of the year means there are many ways to create an outdoor space that feels like an extension of your home.

Do you spend most of your time entertaining friends and family? Consider an outdoor kitchen, bar, or barbeque. Big sports fan? Do you picture watching Sunday’s big game in the fresh air? Then, consider how intricate you want your outdoor electronic system to be, including TVs, internet, and sound systems. Trust us when we say we’ll leave your backyard looking unrecognizable!

Benefits of an Outside Living Room

Creating a cohesive design between the indoors and outdoors includes not only great space planning but also material selection. Many Santa Ana home remodels are now including bi-fold doors in their outdoor spaces. This allows for a seamless transition between the interior and exterior of the home. Selecting tile flooring that can be carried throughout the house and into the outdoor California room also helps to create the look of one continuous space.

Because there is so much design and space planning necessary when transitioning between your indoor and outdoor space, it is recommended to use a design-build firm for your California Room as opposed to an outdoor living contractor that will not have the design and space planning included in their services.  This type of general contractor would expect you to show up with plans, materials, and design.  At Sea Pointe Construction, all of these details will be tended to by our design and construction professionals.

How to Design an Outdoor Living Space

Designing an outdoor living room needs to take into consideration how you want to entertain, among other things. Do you envision watching Sunday’s big game in the fresh air? If so, consider how intricate you want your outdoor electronic system to be, including TVs, internet, and sound systems. If you’re a foodie, you may want to take it one step further than the typical built-in barbeque, and consider including a pizza oven, the popular new outdoor gas griddles, or a rotisserie in your California Room design. And if star-gazing is your thing, how about incorporating a built-in fireplace as a central gathering place for family and friends?

Most people find the finishings to be the most fun, and this goes right back to what will you use your California Room for.  Will you have a beverage center or even two beverage centers? You absolutely want a sink if you will have any type of cooking implements in your outdoor space. Trust us, you don’t want to be trapesing to and from your indoor kitchen, leaving two kitchens that need tending to, rather an outdoor sink provides you the convenience you will surely want. Do you want to add a kegerator, a smoker, and unique mood lighting, how about an outdoor oven to keep the house cool when cooking in the Summer?  Speaking of cool, will you want ceiling fans, a mister system, or even a heating system for the few weeks out of the year that provides a chill in the air in Southern California?

And when you can’t decide what you want to use your California Room for, there’s always the option to add dual California Rooms.  Below you will see a Villa Park dual California Room design and build that provides a kitchen in one outdoor space and a lounging space with a fireplace and TV in the other. Both outdoor spaces incorporated ceiling fans, heating systems, and surround sound speaker systems with the accompanying TV.

With Battres Construction, you get a design-build team that coordinates the entire process from start to finish, including design, engineering, and construction all in one contract. Our teams of professionals are industry experts and will use their experience to deliver more than you know to ask for. With so many options in outdoor remodeling, you’ll appreciate seasoned professionals whose experience can help design and construct the perfect space for you and your family to love.

Gone are the days of basic barbecues, so allow your imagination to meet possibility, and let’s work together to create the outdoor living space you’ve been dreaming of!

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