Kitchens are the heart of the home, and Battres Construction makes kitchen remodeling easy,
from start to finish. We want to help ensure that your kitchen design is not only the perfect design you want but functional for how you and your family use your kitchen as well. Click on
any image on this page to see the complete set of before and after pictures.

We’ve been designing and building kitchens since 1986 and have several award-winning kitchen designs in our kitchen remodeling portfolio.  You can also click on any image on this kitchen remodeling page to see the complete set of after pictures for the kitchen remodeling project.  You can also see the process from start to finish in our most recent kitchen remodel case study that shows how two small space additions changed the client’s entire home so their kitchen could be relocated to create an open-concept kitchen. Our kitchen designers in Santa Ana can produce fantastic results you may not expect.

Kitchen Design Process

One of our Professional Kitchen Designers will sit down with each kitchen remodeling client and have them walk us through their vision or lack of vision; some people really cannot visualize what they want but can point out kitchen remodels from our kitchen remodeling portfolio to help guide us to your design style. We take into consideration design elements, functional layout, space form, how space will be used, current problem areas, and what kitchen essentials they need to have in their space. We focus on helping you choose the ideal kitchen interior design to match your expectations.

Whether your sense of design style leads you to a sleek contemporary kitchen design style, classic traditional or dramatic showpiece kitchen, our talented kitchen designers will lead you step-by-step through the process of how to design your kitchen remodel. When you partner with our kitchen designers, every detail will be considered; from the major decisions to the minor details nothing will be overlooked.  With over 35 years of experience designing and remodeling kitchens in Santa Ana, we’ve learned a thing or two and have checklists for everything you can imagine. Did you know that there are over 40 different ways to customize your kitchen cabinets? In addition to our decades of kitchen remodeling experience, we employ Six Sigma processes in our kitchen remodeling to ensure we are providing the best service and quality we can to our So Cal remodeling clients. We guarantee you will be impressed, whether you need a large or small kitchen to remodel.

Kitchen Remodeling Permits Process

Our experience remodeling kitchens also makes us very familiar with each of Santa Ana’s city permitting processes, professional construction document requirements, zoning laws, setback requirements, and necessary lead and asbestos testing; this makes the construction process flow much smoother. Single-team general contractor operations may not have the same experience navigating multiple city municipals simultaneously.  Due to the volume of kitchen remodels Battres Construction does, we have numerous professional construction teams and project managers on the ready as well as electrical and plumbing specialists as each job necessitates.

Each city has different requirements unique to the standards of that city based on city planning requirements. In Mission Viejo alone, 20 compliance codes must be adhered to when remodeling a kitchen; we make this painless for you and stay on top of residential remodeling legislation inclusive of the California Electrical Code, California Residential Code, California Mechanical Code, California Plumbing Code, California Energy Code, California Green Building Standards Code, and the California Civil Code by city.

The great news is that not only do we have our city remodeling permitting process down, but we’re also delivering quality workmanship that passes city inspection the first time, every time. If you have not remodeled, you may not know the process of getting your work approved by the city at essential parts of the construction process.  One specific is plumbing and you should be happy that the city does do these inspections as it holds your builder accountable to provide quality work that is safe and up to code. This protects your investment and ensures your kitchen remodel keeps you and your family safe.

Design-Build Kitchen Remodeling Santa Ana

One of the greatest benefits of working with Battres Construction is that not only will we help you design your ideal kitchen, but we can also make it a reality as well. We are a Design-Build remodeling construction firm. This means that your kitchen design, engineering, and professional kitchen construction services are all under a single contract by a single professional.  We pride ourselves on providing one point of responsibility and accountability for your kitchen renovation.

The kitchen design-build process provides transparency into the project as we design your custom kitchen and select your custom cabinetry, kitchen cabinet inserts, roll-out cabinetry, kitchen cabinet pulls, countertops, lighting, natural light source determination, moldings, sink, and faucet, possibly 2 sinks if you’re a home chef and have an island or 2 in your new kitchen design, as well as your backsplash and flooring.  Once we have selected all of your materials, we will design your color 3D rendering so you can envision your kitchen just as it was designed.  Often these images look like ‘after’ photo replicas, yet they came before so we can show you all of your kitchen design selections as they would appear in your kitchen; this allows us to save money by changing materials on paper and not as we’re installing tile in your kitchen and have a pallet of the tile on-hand.

This integrated approach to construction and remodeling ensures continuity between all phases of the design and build process. The Design-Build concept allows our kitchen designers to design your remodel with value engineering in mind; this means we will recommend the most efficient layouts and designs to leverage your existing architecture. Design, quality, cost, and time are all determined simultaneously. This ensures that your budget is kept at a minimum, time to completion is reduced, and you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your kitchen remodel is done to your exact specifications.

The Battres Construction kitchen design and remodeling process start with your complimentary design consultation in your home with one of our professional Kitchen Designers in Santa Ana.  Your kitchen designer will ask you about how you use your kitchen, who uses your kitchen more often in your family, how many cooks are in the kitchen, whether are you an entertainer, do you host Thanksgiving dinner, and what type of cooking you do the most.  These types of questions facilitate understanding how you use your kitchen and how we can best design your kitchen to be most efficient for you and your family.

Your kitchen designer will also take measurements and ask you for design pictures that you like during our initial kitchen design consultation; by sharing multiple kitchen design inspiration pics, your designer will be able to hone in on your design style and design your kitchen just for you.  Once your kitchen remodeling consultation has been completed, your designer will return to our professional construction offices in Irvine to identify projects similar in scope so they can start providing budget ranges for you to get an understanding prior to material selection, of what your potential kitchen remodel will cost.  Your kitchen designer will invite you to our design showroom to review your design/budget.  If you find the ranges reasonable, you will move forward in designing your kitchen with your designer.  Once all materials are selected and approved in your 3D color renderings, your designer will provide you with your construction agreement accounting for every last nail that will go into your kitchen remodel.  This is our secret sauce to keeping you on budget and guiding you during material selection to stay at the budget level you feel most comfortable with.

Homeowners need to feel confident in the company they choose for their large or small kitchen remodel in Santa Ana. That’s why we work with you from the start of designing with expert kitchen designers and a kitchen interior design team to project completion. We always welcome your feedback and insight to ensure you love your new kitchen. We aren’t satisfied until you let us know that you’re happy with how your kitchen turned out.

Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Understanding the kitchen remodeling cost breakdown will also help you as you design your kitchen with your Battres Construction professional kitchen designer.  Knowing that cabinets are the highest cost in a kitchen remodel, you know this will be your biggest opportunity for savings when on a limited budget.  Below you will see the break out for an Santa Ana professional kitchen design and remodel.

Take a look through our expansive Kitchen Remodeling Photo Gallery under the kitchen portfolio tab. We have a large portfolio of Traditional Kitchens, Transitional Kitchens, and Contemporary Kitchens to tempt you and start your creative juices flowing.  When you are ready to start dreaming of your new kitchen, give us a ring and we’ll be happy to help.  You can ring us at (949) 749-5619 or fill out the form below and we will contact you to schedule your complimentary kitchen design consultation with the best-fit professional kitchen designer.

Get the Kitchen You’ve Always Wanted

Many homeowners are dissatisfied with their kitchens but think they can’t afford a large or small kitchen remodel in Santa Ana. That’s why we work within your budget to help you feel more comfortable and confident with your kitchen without overspending. You deserve your dream kitchen, and our kitchen designers and kitchen interior design team want to help you realize that dream. We’re focused on helping you build a beautiful kitchen that best suits your needs and budget. We’re eager to work with you and help you design your perfect kitchen.

Are you considering a kitchen remodel in the Santa Ana area? If so, these Kitchen Design & Remodel FAQs may help as you ease into the remodel mindset. If you are further along in your kitchen remodel project and ready to schedule your in-home consultation, please ring us and we will match you with the best-fit Kitchen Designer based on your family’s home design style and needs.

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